Company profile

3SSafely Serving Science, is a distinctive company providing specialized advice and guidance at each stage of chemical’s life cycle.

Our mission is to contribute with knowledgeable care and best practices to our customer’s efforts to:

  • Identify and harmonize with compliance requirements governing the production, supply & transport of chemicals, and
  • Conscientiously discharge their environmental, health and safety duties.

Our long experience in global chemical business matched with an extensive knowledge of both current and developing regulations affecting the life-cycle of chemicals, enables us to better understand the increasing challenges our customers face in this period of great change.

Thus, we are uniquely positioned to serve your organisation’s overall Regulatory Compliance needs and proactively assisting you in achieving higher productivity standards by minimising your distraction from the complexities of legislation.

Partnering with 3S, ensures:

• Legislative compliance

Higher productivity  

Safer operations  

that contribute to the smooth running of the daily activities and support sustainability


About us

Panos Drougas, the founder of 3S, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry awarded by University of Pavia (IT), where he received his specialization in Physics-Chemistry through extensive study and experimental work on Combustion Synthesis mechanisms of highly exothermic and chain reactions.

Panos possesses over fourteen years of highly valued experience in the international chemical industry supply chain. Prior to founding 3S, he was the local Country Manager of Sigma-Aldrich and from this position served the scientific community for almost a decade.

Before his commitment to Sigma-Aldrich, he worked for 3 ½ years as Product Manager in the chemicals division in P. Bacacos SA and cooperated closely with other major chemical manufacturers such as Acros-Fisher, Carlo Erba, JT Baker, Mallinckrodt and Merck.

Throughout his professional development he specialized in production, sales & operations. Also, during the execution of his general management duties enhanced significantly his knowledge on National & European regulatory requirements related to chemical business.

Being a chemist himself and understanding how important hazard communication is, in order to control effectively the risks chemicals poses at each stage of their life-cycle for people and the environment, Panos founded 3S with the vision to:

‟Safely serving companies through integrated regulatory compliance services, contributing to prevent accidents and preserve the environment clean and healthy for all”