Regulatory compliance services for chemical products

REACH regulation, the forthcoming transitional provisions of the new CLP regulation for reclassification and relabeling of substances and mixtures according to the GHS criteria, as well as numerous related National & European laws under amendment in order to meet the requirements of the above, establish new, broadened rules for all those who are involved in the production, import and use of hazardous chemicals.

Small and medium sized chemical companies are now required to commit towards responsible management in order to comply with the new standards, being this prerequisite for their sustainable development.

Furthermore, in times of crisis, they need to seriously consider the impact from either reallocating significant resources or employing highly specialized personnel to deal with the identification and implementation of the new regulatory requirements.

If your activities are affected by the new regulations and you wonder how you can turn their implications into sustainable competitive advantage, then contact us.

We possess the experience and professional qualifications to help you in various ways, though we primarily wish to be distinguished as a trustful partner able to offer:

  • Concise, on-time advice on the dispositions of the regulations ensuring your compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory environment,
  • Technical expertise to cover your compliance needs whilst you and your valuable stuff remain focused on the core business activities and
  • Reliable outsourcing services that minimise your operational costs and save you from purchasing, implementing and maintaining expensive systems in-house