Environmental Permits, Licenses, Authorizations and Approvals

Environmental permits are essential regulatory tools issued by the Competent Authorities that ensure the consideration of all releases to the environment from a manufacturing process or facility.

In order to obtain a permit, organizations will need to provide documentation that demonstrates they have taken all practical steps to manage compliance requirements. This is a significant data aggregation effort that may also become a complex task, as usually requires a mix of legal, scientific and engineering skills. Consulting with experts when it comes to cope particularly with regulations concerning dangerous pollutants can save you both time and money.

In 3S, we have a profound understanding of legislative requirements that apply across the life-cycle of dangerous chemicals to help our customers overcome the complexity timely and cost-effectively.

You can count on us! Our dedicated team of cross-disciplinary environmental specialists in the fields of chemistry, geology and engineering is committed to:

''Efficiently serve your interests with integrity and professionalism''