Transportation of dangerous goods

In Greece, the law regulating the Transport of Dangerous Goods is based on the international agreement on road transports ADR Accord Dangereux Routier (European regulations concerning the international transport of dangerous goods by road).

The aim of the agreement is to increase safety during handling and transport, as well as, to define the responsibilities and obligations of both the sender and the forwarder.

In 3S:

  • we have a very strong sense of responsibility about the way the company produces works and values, as well as, all those who participate in the supply chain of our customer’s activities
  • safety is not perceived just as another service 3S offers, but is seamlessly incorporated in all services we offer, because our core business is chemical’s management
  • we DO NOT compromise on quality when it comes to conduct responsibly our activity. We partner only with ADR-licensed forwarders who truly value and respect our customer’s needs for conducting safely their activities

Moreover, we regularly train and audit forwarding partners by ourselves on the rules of safe handling of our customer’s products.