Classification, labelling & packaging

Each chemical product/preparation placed in the market, irrespectively the quantity, is subject to classification and labelling rules as those specified in current regulations.

The classification process consists to a detailed determination of the Physicochemical, Toxicological and Ecotoxicological properties of the substance/preparation, aiming to identify and assess the associated hazards on human health and the environment.

The category(ies) of danger identified throughout the classification process, are then communicated to the downstream users via the label by means of warning Symbols (pictograms), Risk (R) and Safety (S) phrases.

The type of information composing the label is also regulated by law in order to reflect concisely and effectively the classification’s findings.

In 3S we have the required knowledge, experience and expertise to successfully support your needs in chemical hazard identification and communication. Acting in line with the criteria set by the current legislative requirements, we can:

  • Classify any chemical product or preparation
  • Create the files of relevant labels for your printer and
  • Establish packaging standards (UN marking, container compatibility & packing group) to be met