Product registration with the Greek Authorities

3S specializes in providing high-quality chemical regulatory advice and services to assist local and foreign chemical companies comply with specific laws and regulations applicable for the supply of products into the Greek market.

We can assist you during every step of the process, to the closing of the transaction in obtaining the relevant regulatory approval for the following product categories which must be registered with Competent Authorities prior to their entry into the Greek market:

  • Biocides and pesticides
  • Cosmetics
  • Dangerous products (National Register of Chemical Products)
  • Detergents
  • Lubricants

Our services include:

  • Arranging and attending meetings with Competent Authorities on behalf of our clients.
  • Label review and translation for compliance with local regulations
  • Authoring/translation of Safety Data Sheets in Greek language
  • Carry-out the classification study in specific format as required
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation and submission of the registration dossier in order to obtain the registration number, which is the confirmation that your products are compliant to market
  • File all relevant information against applicable laws and automatically conduct reviews whenever regulations change to assure that submitted registration information is kept up to date, and
  • Update the registration file as changes in your formulation and/or applicable laws occur

Furthermore, we can provide valuable:

  • Guidance on import procedures or assisting in obtaining clearance of chemical products blocked by Competent Authorities to the premises of Greek Customs at time of entry
  • Expert witness on litigation involving disputes over regulatory chemical matters (i.e label compliant content)
  • Advice and assistance to cost-effectively dispose of non-compliant chemical products

Contact us for a free of charge advice on product registration procedures or to ensure that your chemical products fulfill the requirements to be sold in the Greek market.