Policies, custom trainings and assessments

Both chemical manufacturers and their partners in the supply chain (formulators, distributors, forwarders,) strive to achieve continuous performance improvement on all aspects of safety.

Management of successful organisations is well aware that documented management systems and procedures regarding shipping, receiving, handling and storage are a basic requirement in order to significantly increase their company’s safety performance.

However, beside the existence of appropriate systems and procedures, a top-down management approach on safety requires the successful integration of two more fundamental elements in company’s safety culture in order to achieve sustainable results:

  1. Properly trained employees, able to prevent accidents or to properly respond in an emergency situation in order to limit the consequences when they happen, and
  2. Systematic compliance reviews designed to ensure that operations are carried out with due regard for the protection of employees, the public and the environment

In 3S, we have significant experience and specialist knowledge to:

  • Design/author your company’s code of practice for the Handling, Storage and Transport of Dangerous Goods (HSTDG), whilst assisting you in all phases of implementation
  • Design and execute a customised training on all aspects of your highly specific needs with regard to HSTDG
  • Act either as internal or independent auditor of quality and safety systems providing the employer with a fully documented report on adherence to adopted procedures and policies as well as recommendations to achieve compliance

As we can fully understand how impartial and knowledgeable assessments can contribute to the success of our customers, we hereby reaffirm our commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards.